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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Light a Fire Under Me....

There are many many things I need to play catch-up posting about.
I know that.
I want to do that.
Truly, I do.

But... I seem to have a hard time finding 14 full minutes together when
3-5 people aren't asking for things
and several dogs aren't sliding around me on the floor
and my hands aren't covered with chicken nacho dip
and my various i-thingys aren't fighting instead of sync-ing
and we aren't moving houses
and my son isn't crushing his foot under a 4-wheeler
and I'm not trying how to figure out how to clean 3/4 of a crockpot full of nacho cheese dip out from between the seats of my car where it spilled
and my daughter isn't starting kindergarten
and a wind storm "micro-burst" isn't knocking trees on our roof
and a large man dressed all in black with dark sunglasses isn't at my door telling me I haven't paid my house cleaning bill promptly enough (TWO WEEKS?!?!?!)
and my power steering fluid isn't pouring out of my engine leaving me stranded at fiddle lessons
and the chinchillas haven't escaped and gone running to the bathrooms

I got nothing.
Nothing to say except that life somehow gets in the way of my updates.

And I gotta say....I miss writing.
I am going to do my darndest to carve out time for that.
It may be when I have duct taped all of my family members to each other.....but I WILL find time.

So instead of a 263 page "catch-up"....maybe I'll just parcel things out that I think are worth mentioning.

As I sift through those things in my mind....I'll leave you with a picture of how my quiet Saturday night at home went.

Can you make out what this is?

A bunch of them.
Two hook and ladder trucks and a pick-up worth.

They were in my back yard last night around 11:00 putting out the fire that didn't quite get put out earlier that day.


I could tell you how weird it is that I shut the bedroom windows thinking the "crackling noise" was coming from a nearby Halloween spook house.
I could write about how blessed we are to have a sweet worried neighbor who called to ask us if we knew our woods were on fire. (  Answer is no.  We do not.)
I could write about how God protects us from our own stupidity.
I could share about the fact that grace and mercy surround us even when we try to avoid them.

But even though I know all these things are true....I'm not going to.
I'm just going to leave this image with you for a possible plausible excuse as to why:
my memory is shot
I'm constantly confused
I'm exhausted and
I can't ever seem to catch up on blogging.

So....until next time.

Right now I have to bake several dozen cookies for our new neighbors whom I met last night in my PJ's amidst a haze of smoke and embers.

Yeah....RH and family have come to town.