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Friday, March 21, 2014

Blowing in the Wind….

This morning I asked the kids to clean the kitchen
(specifically to sweep the muddy mess previously known as "kitchen floor")
while I went upstairs to tackle the mound of spring break laundry.

They happily started the job.
(And by happily, I mean with only 5-7 minutes of whining and grumbling.)

Then, I  heard a noise.
A very loud noise.

A noise that sounded suspiciously like a leaf blower in my kitchen.


That's what I thought.

As I walked down the stairs I heard my daughter say above the roar of the gas powered lawn tool,
"You know, Mom is not going to like that you're doing this!"

Clever girl.

And as the whiff of diesel wafted through the dining room,
I whipped out my phone to video this monumental occasion.

They were cleaning.
In their own special little way.

Clever little redneck children.

No kids or animals were hurt during this scenario.
Children were appropriately lectured on danger of using gas-powered tools in enclosed areas.
Mom got a 6th 2nd cup of coffee and a piece of butter cake so children would not be beaten.
Leaf blowers work well on leaves and dried dirt but aren't very effective with caked on mud.