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Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby it's COLD outside….

And with the temperatures coming in today at a balmy -8 degrees…..
And with a spectacular wind chill of -21 degrees….

Our school made the decision last night to….
extend Christmas break by another day!

I mean…..YEA!!!

Kids were, of course, over the moon excited.

The boy cousins came over to have a movie night and a sleepover
And Carolyn went to their house to do the same thing
(on a pinker and pony-er level)
with my niece.

I did what I could for my waaaaaay overused kitchen….
I scooped up and dried four sets of snow clothes….
I put the sopping wet bath mats (Well HE opened the door while I was showering so I HAD to spray him with the water!)...
I mopped the slushy floor.,,,
I wiped snow ice cream residue off of every counter….
I ventured into the arctic to retrieve a pair of wayward snow boots….

Then I got the boys settled in for a date with Indiana Jones downstairs.

As I turned off the lights in the kitchen I brewed a steamin' cup of tea for myself.
(Hey….it was that or a double shot of tequila.)

I carried my well-earned reward to the basement and plopped myself on the couch for a well deserved rest.

And one fourth grader snuggled close close very close into my right side.

So I switched my cup of tea to my left hand.

And one second grader snuggled very very close to my left side.

So I put my warm cozy mug on the table….and hugged two precious kids.

As I watched my drink cool….I knew it was the best cup of tea I've ever wasted.