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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today I went back to our house. 
I walked around outside of it...found some bubble guns that my parents had given the kids while we were gone under a tree... and picked them up. 
I stood in the backyard and looked at the deck.  My "mother's day grill" was visible through the insulation.
I looked at Carolyn's of the curtains that my mom's best friend had made was hanging out over the plywood.
I looked in the big bay window (or the opening in the shape of a window) at the built-in bookshelves.
I looked at the green paint on the walls that my neighbor had picked for me.
I examined my hydrangeas I'd planted 2 years ago....still standing but leafless.
I looked at the knock-out rose bush my mother-in-law gave me for mother's day a few years ago.  Darn thing is FINALLY blooming.
I looked at my bottle of Vaseline aloe hand lotion sitting outside of my bedroom.
I walked past the forsythia bushes that Bennett was hoping to grow big enough to make into a fort one day.
I saw all of my strawberries...still blooming madly.
I looked at Bennett's mangled blinds coming out of his window.
I saw the roof-lessness over Ethan's room.
I stepped over someone else's pink mattress in my front yard.
I stood in the driveway and noticed the wrought iron kitchen light was still attached to a cross beam....which was jabbed through the table.
I found the top part of our green bird feeder.
I saw a dead cardinal.
I stepped on part of my dining room ceiling.

I took my bubble guns, and I left.

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Ashley said...

i love you shannon and I cannot imagine what this feels like. i love all of you and thank the Lord everyday that you all are okay. once again i love you guys and i am here if you need anything.