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Friday, November 4, 2011


"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11

You know...I've heard this verse tons of times. 
People sent me this verse many times after the tornado, in fact.

But while I've always like the idea that God was on my side....
I never really sat down and THOUGHT about all this verse said.

(I really need to get back into my hobby of thinking someday....)

The other day I felt overwhelmed.
As we all do....I had lots of issues in lots of different areas of my life.

**We were trying to finalize the deal on our "forever house".
**I couldn't make things better for people I care about.
**Things don't always go smoothly with the kids in school.
**Health issues pop up and leave a "hole" in your "I will be young forever" perception.
**People in their 3rd and 4th decade of life decide to act like 3 and 4 year olds and it still    even though it's really irritating to admit hurts my feelings.
**I have had to learn more about federal legalities than any happy housewife ever should.
**I kept experiencing the reality that when trying to follow God's instructions on dealing with earthly's still hard to wait for His judgement and see people getting away with horrible things.  
**Bennett wanted pictures ("only the really graphic ones, mom") or our post-tornado house for a paper at school and I got those stupid goosebumps while printing them off.
**I was heading out of town to run a half-marathon.
**People in my life had made bad decisions (as I have certainly done at times) and they all seemed to need me at once

You know how sometimes it seems like
hits at once?

I got whacked.
Think about it though....

Some days we have so many "things" pulling us down in our lives.

Seems like there are really too many people/things/commitments to take care of.

They are draining us....and we wonder how exactly we are supposed to have the energy to deal with them all.

We wonder if maybe we should cut some of these people or things OUT of our lives because it's just TOO MUCH.

We can't do it all.
We can't be the one that everyone turns to...that everyone's TOO MUCH.
Who is there to be "our one"?


He will lift us up and support us.
That support will enable us to support others.....but He is NOT doing it just for that.
He's doing it because He loves you.
He wants to take care of you.
He wants to give you peace, hope, and He has said He has plans for you.

In other words....
He's the one who's going to hug you.
Let you rest your head on His shoulder and stroke your hair...
Smile at you...
Let you know that YOU matter because YOU ARE YOU.
He loves YOU.
He wants to give YOU peace.
He wants to give YOU hope.

Yes....we have responsibilities to other people and things....and God expects us to fulfill them.
But in the meantime?

He's looking out for YOU.

And me.

And that's just plain good.

(Check out THIS SONG.....
and grab a kleenex.)

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