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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If You Plant It....

In our old house we had a little garden.

Let me correct that.

In our old house we had a little area-of-land-the-kids-had-begged-to-turn-into-a-garden-and-promised-they-would-do-all-the-watering-and-weeding-and-stuff-but-didn't-so-it-became-my-nightmare-project garden.

The kids went WILD picking out fun things to plant.

We had carrots, tomatoes, jalapeños, cucumbers, red peppers, squash, and even a watermelon vine.

My organic angels had a ball planting all of the seedlings and imagining how fun it would be to harvest all of the fabulous results and enjoy them together.

Then they walked away and never looked back.

This new house does NOT have a garden.

However....apparently the kids still wanted to plant something and enjoy some kind of harvest later.


You see it.

Precious little redneck children.

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