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Sunday, May 12, 2013

To Some People They are Weeds....

This morning I woke up
(and by woke up I mean I ran back to my bed when I heard a minor stampede coming up the stairs)
to a wonderful Mother's Day surprise.

English muffins with butter, peanut butter and jelly,
Homemade waffle,
Yogurt with raspberries,
Fried egg,
and three cute kids.

(Kid #2 has crawled under the covers next to me and gone back to sleep.)

Then at church Carolyn presented me with a coupon book of things she wanted to give me.
These included:
A hug
A kiss
A back rube
Take out trash
A fish

I'll take it.
(I hope the fish is a drawing....)

After a chock-full rest of the morning and afternoon, the kids returned from a fishing trip with their uncle.
Bennett and my nephews had brought me beautiful old water bottles full of weeds wild flowers.

Ethan yelled, "WAIT!"
He excitedly reached into his jeans pocket,
dug around a bit,
and pulled out...
a handful of something.

"I got you flowers!!!!"
Yes he did.
And those flowers and my water bottles of weeds are the most beautiful gifts I've ever received.

Then I had the blessing of making dinner for my mom, my mother in law and my sister in law....some of the neatest moms I know.

The kids ran around and
we all stuffed ourselves and
we had several an extra helping of banana cake and
we talked and
we enjoyed the spring weather.

I just have to tell you....

I am a pretty lucky mom.
Pretty darn lucky.

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