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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard

When I was a kid one of my favorite books series (along with 62% of other kids I'm sure) was the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. 

I must have read them 16 times.  In fact, one year my mom made Halloween costumes for my friend and I....I was Laura, of course!  (Probably a good thing I can't drag THAT one out of the photo archives!)

I used to wish that I had been born hundreds of years earlier.  I thought that life must have been so much more exciting and wonderful back then....
I loved imagining how it must have felt to be stuck in a wild the wind must have sounded as it howled past your log cabin/sod warm and safe you must have felt in your little cocoon of firelight while the world turned a frightening shade of white outside.

Well..after this week....all I'm sayin' is.........Thank you so much, God...for not granting the wishes of a 7-year old girl and placing her in a situation which  I now know would have really truly been WAY more than her fragile sanity could have handled.  Guess He kinda sorta DOES know best, huh?

So we made it through BLIZZARD WEEK 2011.  Yes...we did make it.  BUT we made it with drinks...a gas fire....a Wii....neighbors with playmates/dinner offers/hot toddies to keep us sane...internet....a RH who could pick up extra coffee at home.

I am reasonable certain that without ANY of these supplies....I would have perished. 
Plain and simple.
As it was.....we had some fun in our winter wonderland.
Actually....lots of fun.
I have truly gained at least 7 pounds due to our "experimental" baking...but hey.  Kept me warm!

Once the 40-50mph wind gusts stopped and the sun peeked out....we even got to enjoy the crazy new landscape!
The "kids" built snow forts (consisting of two tunnels through two piles of snow) from which to launch snow missiles at each other and finally determine WHO was king/queen of the family!

Sometimes....they just had to meet in the middle though!  (look closely please....2 pairs of feet!  Clever....admit it!)

Other times they had to pause and let me try and capture a beautiful family picture under the threat that I would not dig the blasted tunnels myself anymore because I was tired of snow filling up my snowpants and matting my hair to my face because they love their 'ol mom dearly.

When RH made it home from work the kids got to "re-experience" (see last year's posts....) that strange midwest phenomena called Redneck Sledding.

Carolyn sat in her Dad's lap yelling "FASTER!!!!"

So Dad did. 
He went faster.

Faster and faster until...well...that's the way the little redneck bounces!
But...don't worry.  It was equal opportunity bouncing!

Thank goodness for hot chocolate.  And snow suits.  And bouncy children!

Then home for some more snow fun.  Carolyn tried out the new "snow scooter".....(maybe next year, honey!)

And the little kids tried to accomplish the simple task of walking through our front yard.

The dogs were a little stir crazy we spent some time playing with them...

All in all...much snowy fun.  Much wet laundry, much cocoa consumed, much mopping of floors (not really, but it was MUCH needed), and much time together.

Come to think of it....I actually probably could do pretty well as Laura Ingalls Wilder. 
If she had the internet.
And indoor plumbing.
And Starbucks.

( young rednecks were harmed during this blizzard)


Anonymous said...

could you please quit calling me redneck husband? I mean i am a reality tv star........

Alex said...

Oh yes, I heard you were a tv star with people asking for your autograph and everything!!!!

Heather H said...

I just wanna say Shannon, how cool would that have been if we could've built a snow fort with connecting tunnels in OUR neighborhood back in the day! Looks like so much fun!!!!!