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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wish That I Knew What I Know Now....

As I age---I mean mature----I realize new things every day. One recurring theme of my realizations is this: things that were really fun when I was...."younger"....aren't always quite as fun now.

First example: staying up late.

Then: awesome special treat night full of candy, pizza, movies and friends followed by sleeping in super late.
Now: night that may be super fun or just required followed by a morning in which your kids inevitably awake at the "crack of" and need many things.

Another example: Bublicious bubble gum

Then: yummy yummy yummy.
Now: ewwwwwwww.
Last example: sledding
Then: adrenaline rush as you tried to see how fast you could go with or without killing yourself.
Now: Fun until the end of the hill when you somehow manage to flip off the curb and hit a previously invisible metal trash can. Then you need tylenol for the next 3 days.

Really last example: spring break

I don't think I'll say anymore on that one.

Now this brings me to my topic.

Snow days.

Fun....but not quite the same kind of fun I remember as a kid

ESPECIALLY when there is not really all that much snow, and the schools are out for ice and super bitter cold temps that make it really hard to venture 3 feet out of your back door.
Well we have enjoyed our snow days this week, and our sick days and our too icy to go out days. Much bonding has occurred. Especially with RH out of town and the aforesaid bonding occurring between children, dogs and ME.

We have LITERALLY had 4 days of school since Christmas Break.

Happy kids....scattered mom.

Anyway, we did get in a little sledding before we entered the Arctic circle.....and it WAS fun (for the small lightweight ones)!

Notice how even though they plowed into the rocks there is NO crying! They may be made of some sort of rubber material.....

Then it's on to MLK day and (although I do think MLK was an amazing man and I do not at all begrudge him his holiday) another bloody day off of school!


What oh what shall we do?

We've already baked heart and owl cookies....

And made some seriously wicked squirrel traps...

And played out roles as various barnyard animals.

What to do....what to do....what to do?

Hmmmmm. Maybe we can go bowling in Canada. I would like that, I think.

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