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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do You Call It?

Today after church as I was puttering around the house trying to dig myself out of the weekend chaos straighten up a bit I overheard Carolyn chatting away to herself in her room.
I stopped in to see what was happening in her little life...and she showed me her doll which was wearing a massive plastic diaper and an ace bandage.  Then she wove together her Sunday school lesson and some recent cartoons to explain to me what had happened.

Carolyn's Story
" little daughter had....what do you call it? Leprosy.  On her arm.  So she had to get a big bandaid? So then she broke her other arm and had to get a cast.  Then she was trying to hold on tight to her Daddy when they were jumping with a parachute but it was hard because she had a cast and....what do you call it?  Leprosy.  So she dropped her daddy and the parachute and she fell into the ocean and she was trying to swim super fast to her mommy...that is ME....but the shark was faster so it bited her in the arm...NOT the arm with the cast but the arm with....what do you call it?  Leprosy.  The bunny...that was her very cute pet bunny....tried to save her from that shark but it was not fast enough so it just couldn't.  So then my daughter got out of the ocean and a ladybug gave her a ride on its back but it didn't help her feel better so then the ladybug just took her to the doctor and the doctor fix-ed her broken arm but if he touched her arm with....what do you call it?  Leprosy...then he would have it too.  But I am her mom and I touched her and I didn't get....what do you call it?  Leprosy.  So she is ok now.  That's all."

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