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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Great Word...

Start with a side note:  Bennett is reading The Hobbit and asked me what "flummoxed" meant. 
I replied, "Confused.  Scattered.  Frazzled by circumstances around yourself."
Good word for now, don't you think?

Well....I went by the dry cleaners to drop an entire car load a little bit of stuff off for some serious cleaning. 

This was by no means my first trip to my wonderful cleaners. 

I had already dropped off many loads of random things that I thought might be "save-able"  (Including Carolyn's giant pink stuffed bunny that she LOVES but was really really wet...).

As you might imagine, the cleaners is a little backed up right now, and the turn around time for most of the stuff is a few weeks. 

(Really not a problem when you don't have any beds to put all of those comforters back on anyway!)

So when I deposited my "last" load of stuff (I keep telling them it's my "last" load, then I keep coming in with more car loads) I was surprised when they told me I had something to pick up.

The lady brought me out a beautifully hung wrapped-super-nicely package containing:
**one ratty red hand towel
**one ratty red bath towel
**one random green washcloth
**one Superman pillow sham
**one adult size blue snuggy

Good time for that word.
How did that stuff get here?
Why do I want that stuff?
What in the heck am I supposed to do with that stuff?

"That will be.....$14.50," she cheerfully exclaimed.  "Glad we could get it cleaned up for you!"

So...this could be how she speaks to everyone, OR....I look haggard and desperate and flummoxed enough to be eagerly anticipating the return of my snuggy.

Flummoxed, I think.

But....I just might use that darn snuggy tonight.

1 comment:

mindy said...

oh my word, shannon, i am laughing out loud - NOT that you are flummoxed, just to be clear - about that snuggy.

sending you a hug and praying for your family and town.