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Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Home

So....we are no longer "Homeless".  Not that we ever REALLY were....actually "homeless" that is. 

When I was a kid my mom had a plaque in her kitchen that said "Please Don't Write in my Dust." "Home is Where Love Surrounds You."

When we left our house in a mad scramble 2ish weeks ago we went to my sister and brother-in-laws home.  My niece and nephews and mother/father-in-law and daughter and dear friends were waiting for us.
We were surrounded by love.

Then we moved into my mom's house...and were joined for almost a week by my brother, father and stepmom. 
We were surrounded by love.

Every night we ate with 12-22 people.  Cousins came from far away, friends encircled us, we had at least 3 birthday celebrations for Bennett.....
We were SURROUNDED by love.

Now we are spending our 3rd night in our new house.
I couldn't be more grateful.  It has a roof, solid walls, a BASEMENT, a sunken couch (which is kinda weird but really needed considering we no longer OWN a couch!), a lava lamp (and room for 12 more!), a fenced yard for the dog and a "secret closet" for Carolyn.

But....more has us
My husband. 
My kids.

A good friend of mine snuck a casserole into our fridge and some frozen custard into our freezer and I was able to pull food out of the oven and feed my family in my own place.
The 5 of us and my mom sat on the floor around some flattened cardboard boxes and ate out of Styrofoam bowls with plastic forks. 

And I'll tell you something....
I have NEVER felt more blessed.

As funny and cliche (and perhaps even cheesy) as it may mental picture of "home" has changed.....I hope forever.

Driving home from picking up take-out tonight (we have thrown away more Styrofoam containers that my "i love being green and recycling" mind can handle lately...but oh well!) a song came on I hadn't heard in a while. 

I've included the link to the song's really worth your time to listen.

Here...see hear for yourself....
That's What Faith Can Do

And stop by sometime.....we'll leave the light on for you (if I can figure out which switch turns on the darn thing!).


cheryl b said...

Love you girl

Laura said...

Once again a dose of perspective!! I love you!! Laura

Jodie said...

Your the best!! you have the best attitude, the best perspective and some of the best family. I am so glad that your heart has found it's true home. Love ya!

MomBE said...

As we have moved and shifted through life for the last eighteen months {for very different reasons of course} I have kept one picture out from packing and placed it in a sacred spot everywhere we land. It says simply "wherever we are together, that is HOME" I am glad you are all in one place, surrounded by love, and with a welcomed perspective God has granted you in this time. It has been a blessing reading your words this last few weeks. Would love to stop by and hug you sometime.